Jiwa Financials Overview

Our Aims

Jiwa Financials is an Australian owned and operated company. For more than a decade the company has had three major aims:

  • ​to build quality financial software that is truly scalable, capable of growing with our customers as their businesses grow;
  • ​to deliver a financial solution that was designed from the ground up to meet Australian and New Zealand business and regulatory requirements;
  • ​to stay close to our market, keeping the company including all software development and product support local.


Originally developed and first implemented in Perth, Australia in 1995, the Jiwa software has continually evolved in its functionality to meet customer requirements. Around ten years ago, Jiwa moved to offices in North Sydney and most of their staff moved over with them. Jiwa is one of Australia's most respected business financial solutions with a dedicated highly experienced team of developers, and support staff.

Version 7 of the software was released in 2014 and since has had over 11 major upgrades with each new addition adding new functionality and features. It has matured to be a very stable and rich product.

Our Clients

The Jiwa software takes advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies. Offering exceptional data integrity and software performance, it is used extensively in the import, distribution, manufacturing, service and repair industries.

Currently there are more than 1,500 businesses using Jiwa Software ranging from small businesses to global enterprises. Jiwa Financials sells its solutions through a network of over 30 Jiwa Solution Providers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Austlink is a premier partner with offices in New South Wales and Victoria and clients all over Australia and New Zealand.

Jiwa Financials - Enterprise Grade ERP

The JIWA Financials core module includes Debtors, Creditors, Sales order processing, Purchase Order processing, Stock Control and General Ledger. From this core, JIWA customers can expand according to their special industry needs or competitive requirements. High value applications include Workflow, Call Centre, Service, Manufacturing, Job costing, Mobile terminals, Multi-bin stock control, Data Warehousing, and web-based solutions.

JIWA uses Microsoft’s SQL server as the database engine. This ensures that it can grow to whatever size is required over an indefinite time period. Applications can be distributed or hosted at a single point, depending on customer requirements. This also enables hosting of applications remotely –a major trend into the future – and makes it easy for customers to outsource their IT applications and infrastructure at any time.

Jiwa can be implemented in an in house environment or directly from the Cloud. The choice is yours...

Opal Logic - An Outstanding Jiwa Financials Implementation Partner

Opal Logic is a dedicated JIWA Financials business partner who has been working and installing accounting / business and Point of Sale solutions for the past 30 years. Opal Logic provide integrated premium business management IT solutions for businesses based around the JIWA Financials Business Software platform.

 We achieve competitive advantage for our customers through implementing, customizing and developing reliable business management software with built-in flexibility: Software that is actually designed to change to fit the customer, rather than requiring customers to change to fit the software.

 All your dealings with your implementation, including the supply of the software are with Austlink.


Your Business, Your Solution

The driving philosophy of Opal Logic – and its key point of difference – is simplicity. The software provides only the level of complexity which each individual customer business requires. This means JIWA can be configured cost effectively for 5 or fewer users. But behind that simplicity lies unlimited scalability and a rich application capability that allows solutions to be expanded and customised, to support the very largest and most diverse customer business.


“We achieve competitive advantage for our customers through developing and implementing robust, reliable business management software with built-in flexibility: software that is actually designed to change to fit the customer, rather than requiring customers to change to fit the software.”

Our Methodology

We pride ourselves on providing businesses with the right solution in a timely and cost-effective fashion. To achieve this, we follow a strict and regimented Project Methodology. It starts with a scope to clearly identify the detail of your business requirements, processes, rules and guidelines. This also highlights, to both parties, the level of effort required at each stage. The approach is based on the principle that work done at the front of the project lays a foundation for a successful implementation.

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