Our aim is to help you grow your business. The services below are tailored to doing exactly that. We look forward to helping you along your journey to an automated and profitable business environment.

Bridging the physical and
digital, with Jiwa Financials and our customised software.

Tailoring Jiwa to meet your specific requirements and business workfolows.

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Jiwa Training

We have put together a state of the art Jiwa Training facility covering all aspects of Jiwa from Bank Reconciliation to Landed Cost and more.

Strategic advice

Not only are our consultants experts in Jiwa, but have also have a depth of business understanding that only comes with decades of experience.

Software Development

Jiwa truly shines once it has been customised it to meet the flexibility growing businesses demand. Let us help you transform Jiwa for your specific workflow.


Expand the business workflow possibilities with specialised integrations to a variety of third party software and utilities.

Cloud Hosting

Jiwa is equality at home installed on your computer or can be delivered via any HTML5 compatible web browser via the Internet.


Our experienced team and here to help you with any of your Jiwa related projects. Log a ticket via our customer portal or call us on 1300 456 725.


We equip leaders from strategy through execution

Exceptional support is one of the most important elements when setting up or running a new accounting system. Our team is here always here to help you with your Jiwa related business projects.

  • Enterprise Grade Support
  • Flexible Service Level Agreements
  • Immediate Assistance
  • National Coverage

Opal Logic has built an unparalleled Training site for Jiwa 7. There are over 160 articles with Step by Step Instructions, most of which also have videos

  • Jiwa Training Anywhere Anytime
  • Video Tutorials
  • Unlimited Access
  • Over 160 professionally produced and crafted articles and training videos on all things Jiwa

Building utility and workflow into Jiwa is something we specialise in. Our software development is always underpinned by a robust discovery, design and development process.

  • Multi-talented Team
  • Workflows and Rules Engines
  • Rapid Development
  • Reliable, Flexible and Scalable Solutions

The world has produced an application for any business process you can think of. Jiwa comes as standard with a built in API facility. With it we can integrate to any other system that also has an API facility.

  • eCommerce Platforms
  • EDI
  • Warehouse Management
  • Customer Relationship Management Tools
  • So many more...

Jiwa is available to install on your own servers and workstations or we can deliver it to you and your staff via any HTML 5 compatible browser.

  • You can run Jiwa in a browser page or go full screen with up to four monitors
  • This facility is available for as little as one user to hundreds of users. As each user get their own virtual environment, the system scales without any impact on speed to other users.
  • Fully redundant across multiple data centres hosted in Australia.
  • No need to worry about servers or even upgrading that old PC