August 28, 2021

Jiwa Release 7.2

Jiwa v7.2 has now been released.  This is a Long Term Support (LTS) version which means that Jiwa will be providing service releases for this version.  Service Releases are used to update the Jiwa application without the need for a full upgrade of your Jiwa database.

In this release Jiwa have re-instated concurrent licensing which means user scan now utilise a combination of both concurrent and named licenses.  The licensing model was changed to named with the release of Jiwa v7.1, we at Austlink lobbied on behalf of our clients to have the model changed back to concurrent so it is great to see Jiwa take this on board and make the change.

This release also sees a significant improvement to the REST API function which now includes support for GL Journals, Landed Costing, Warehouse Transfers, and for the more technically minded Web hooks.

New Features / Enhancements

In addition to the above Jiwa have also introduced some great new features and enhancements in this release since v7.1.  Some of these new features include:

  1. Custom Field Support - Custom field support has been added to both the Debtor and Creditor Debit/Credit transaction grids, and to Shipment Bookins
  2. Bill of Materials Import - Jiwa now ships with a standard plugin that supports importing BOM maintenance records
  3. Debtor Specific Pricing Import - A plugin has been added to the standard suite of Jiwa plugins that extends the Inventory Import utility to allow the import of Debtor Specific Prices
  4. Selling Prices - New system setting has been added that will allow you to change the column headings for selling prices.
  5. Staff Maintenance - Staff records can now been copied


If you have any questions regarding this release or you simply want to schedule in an upgrade please contact us to discuss your needs.