August 28, 2021

Jiwa - SMS Alerts

Have you wanted to send your customers an SMS to let them know their order was on it's way?  Or maybe you want to send out a reminder notifying your customers that they have outstanding invoices.

With everyone now carrying mini computers in their pockets and handbags, the convenience of SMS messaging is becoming more and more prevalent as users preference messaging over emails, for their informality and conciseness.

Here at Austlink we carefully look at market trends and what our customers commonly ask for and as a result we have now developed SMS Alerts for Jiwa7.  The new module enables you to

  • Create SMS templates,
  • Send out one off messages automatically,
  • Send out recurring messages automatically, and
  • Send out ad-hoc messages from the Sales Order and Quote forms

SMS Templates

Unlimited SMS templates can be created through the new SMS Template form.

The form has been designed so that users can easily create their own message templates.

Recurring Messages

Using the Repeat settings on the SMS template, messages can be setup so that they continue to be sent out on a recurring basis. This is useful for example on overdue accounts, an initial message is sent when invoices become overdue and then customers continue to receive a message until the invoices have been settled.

In the example below a reminder is setup to go out every 5 days.

Custom Triggers

If our standard triggers do not meet a requirement custom SQL triggers can be created and added to the Custom Trigger SQL.

For example you may want to send out a welcome SMS to new customers, or notify all your customers of an upcoming event you will be holding.

In this example we are sending out a notification to customers the day before their delivery is due.

Ad Hoc Messages

SMS messages can be sent on an ad-hoc basis by clicking the SMS button that has been added to the menu ribbon on both the Sales Order and Quote entry forms.

Users can override the mobile number and message as required.

Messages Captured

All SMS messages sent from Jiwa are captured and can be viewed by clicking on the SMS badge which is available on the Sales Order and Quote forms.

A new SMS Alerts tab has also been added to the Debtor Maintenance form enabling users to see all messages sent to a specific customer.

We have also updated our Jiwa Training website with new articles that provide you with an overview of the new module as well as instructions on how to create your own templates.