Jiwa Inventory Control

Inventory Control for Any Business

Accurate inventory control is central to any business that deals with stock. Jiwa out of the box has the ability to track inventory in any warehouse and any bin location within that warehouse. Not only do we track quantities but also Serial and Batch Numbers and Expiry dates, but also actual costing of that inventory with Jiwa's use of FIFO (First in First out) tracking.

Here are a few of the business benefits you get with the Inventory module within Jiwa:

  • Multiple warehouses
  • Multiple bin locations per inventory item
  • Multiple item descriptions – including double byte languages
  • Categorising of inventory
  • Serial number and batch tracking
  • Manufacturing
  • Multiple suppliers and part numbers per inventory item
  • Customer part numbers
  • Physical, non-physical items, back-orderable, non-back-orderable and service items
  • Automated stock replenishment/purchase orders
  • Automated back order fulfilment of delivered items
  • Priority queue for the fulfilment of back orders
  • Comprehensive price schemes and pricing matrices
  • Kitting of products that are built ‘on the fly’ in the warehouse
  • Warranty tracking
  • Alternate, obsolete and superseded items
  • Image and document storage against each inventory item
  • Complimentary product / up-selling options
  • First in First Out (FIFO) Actual Costing
  • Expiry date on Inventory items at lot level
  • Warehouse Transfer Out/Transfer In to manage in-transit transfers.

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