Jiwa - Seven Reasons Why

1. All of your information in one place

JIWA Financials is an integrated range of business applications. It allows you to enter information once, e.g. customer details, and then makes that information available to any other JIWA product and even to other desktop applications e.g. Microsoft¨ Word, Excel and Outlook. JIWA becomes the hub of your business solution, allowing you to use all of your applications with a common set of data This allows the system to support multiple customer contact points, e.g. in-store, tele sales, web, field rep and your accounts team.


2. Flexible & powerful reporting

JIWA comes complete with hundreds standard reports allowing you to quickly retrieve information on customers, suppliers, inventory and finance. Even more exciting is your ability to generate completely customised reports giving you information that helps you manage your unique set of business issues.


3. A system that will grow with your business

JIWA is a true multi-user systems built on the most robust, industry standard technologies available. Built on Microsoft’s SQL Server platform it provides integrity of data and performance that outstrips many of our competitor’s products. No more one-sided or incomplete transactions. They can run as a single user applications and can scale to support hundreds of concurrent users and hundreds of stores.


4. Customised security

The security system in both products allow for a unique login for each user. Separate menus can be created per user or per user group allowing your systems administrator to customise access to the system. In addition to keeping the system secure, customised menus also assist new users in getting to know the system as they only see menu items that are relevant to their specific role.


5. Work from anywhere – Jiwa in the Cloud

JIWA has been developed with the Internet in mind, making it easy for you to deploy it using Cloud infrastructure. Manage multiple stores, remote branches, work from home or provide a mobile sales team access to the system from the field. It will run extremely efficiently over the Internet, even in areas with very low bandwidth.


6. Make your presence felt on-line

If you already have an on-line store or are considering taking your first steps into e-commerce you’ll be pleased to know that a number of Website products integrate directly with JIWA Financials, providing you with real-time web-transaction processing. Your website can be customised to incorporate your corporate identity, will run standalone or can be integrated into your existing website if required. On line content management, contact management and email marketing modules are also available in addition to core e-commerce functionality to provide the best solution on the market for building and managing retail online stores, B2B online ordering and customer information portals


7. A secure, future proof investment

With JIWA Financials you are not just buying a software package, you are also enabling your business for the future. This comes with the peace of mind that the solution you are putting in place will be scalable and flexible enough for your ever-changing business environment. Rest assured that these software packages have been developed, and are being continually developed, with these capabilities in mind. Not only is the application constantly improving but the architecture is built on industry standard SQL database platforms which enables us to leverage the latest technologies and offer them to you.

A key to any solution purchase is the upgrade path and solution longevity and with well over 2000 businesses using JIWA Financials you an be confident that you have a product that is being developed for now and for the future.

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