Jiwa Job Costing

Job Costing - Project Oriented Businesses

The Job Costing module is ideal for businesses that are project oriented and need to manage the life cycle of a job or project from the quoting and budgeting phase right through to profitability reporting.

Choosing between the Job Costing and Service Manager modules will be dependent upon what information needs to be captured against a job and how that job will be managed and invoiced out to the customer.

Let’s first have a look at the key differences between Job Costing and Service Manager

Comparing Jiwa Job Costing with Jiwa Service Manager

Job Costing is best suited for businesses that;

  • Capture all cost types against jobs not just materials and/or labour,
  • Manage jobs through cost centres and stages,
  • Require reporting against quotes and budgets,
  • Need to produce finished goods,
  • Need work in progress reporting

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